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The 3 Steps to Sustainable Lifestyle Changes©

Workshop cover pageThis workshop is specifically designed for those who have a strong desire to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to stay comfortably ahead of the complications that may arise from poor health management. It is for those who realize they need to break through bad habits and routines, but don’t know how.

The procedure followed in this workshop is a condensed version of The 3 Steps to Sustainable Lifestyle Changes© process that I developed based on my own experience. It goes over the 3 key elements turn Diabetes and weight-related challenges and restrictions to your advantage, so that you can achieve your goals, and live the dreams that you never thought were possible.

The 3 Steps are:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Motivation
  3. Dedication


Registration, Schedules & Pricing

There are currently no Workshops planned. Please contact me for upcoming schedules.

Early-bird registration fee $299 – Register on or before the indicated registration deadline to receive a $50 discount! Early-bird package price is $299 and includes the 3 online classes (Step 1, 2 and 3) and hard copies as well as electronic copies of the manual and handouts. Electronic copies will be sent to you by e-mail and hard copies will be sent to you by USPS regular mail service.

Late registration fee $349 – Package price after the indicated registration deadline is $349 and includes the 3 online classes (Step 1, 2 and 3) and electronic copies of the manual and handouts. Electronic copies will be sent to you by e-mail.


The Journey to become an inspiration

The workshop comprises 3 consecutive classes that need to be attended in the order of The 3 Steps to Sustainable Lifestyle Changes© sequence; if you miss a class, the following class does not make much sense. So make sure you can attend all three classes on the dates indicated above before you sign up.

The workshop package is cheaper than the same amount of time for 1-on-1 (private) in-person Coaching sessions. But since the workshop is in a group-setting, you will not have the privacy and intimacy that comes with Coaching. Also, the workshop processes have to follow a fixed time-schedule; therefore, customization to your individual needs is limited. However, it includes powerful procedures that were carefully selected to give you the tools and techniques that are specifically focused on creating a sustainable healthy and active lifestyle.


What can you expect from this workshop?

The Workshop includes:

    • Self-investigation — click here to download the free introductory reading materials (PDF format)
    • Three 1 to 1.5-hour on-line classes that cover The 3 Steps to Sustainable Lifestyle Changes© (you will receive a unique video conference link after payment):
      • Step 1: Inspiration – Creating the Vision
      • Step 2: Motivation – Defining the Mission
      • Step 3: Dedication – Taking Action
      • Following through and keeping up the good habits (part of Step 3)
    • A 35-page manual
    • 3 different handouts

While you are going through the processes to realize your goal, you are simultaneously implementing sustainable healthy and active lifestyle changes that are the journey to your objective. By taking small, doable steps, you set yourself up for success, and you can reap the benefits of lasting results.
The essence of this process is that the journey itself becomes as enjoyable as the desired outcome. Embracing this virtuous spiral makes you feeling great, smiling all the time, radiating optimism and expressing a contagiously positive attitude. Don’t be surprised if people around you —with or without diabetes— tell you that you have become an inspiration to them, and that they want to follow your example!


Online Classes through Zoom

Workshop classes will take place via group video conference through Zoom. No need to go somewhere; you can participate from a comfortable place of your choosing. Using Zoom is for free and can be run on a PC or Mac with camera and microphone, or on your smart mobile device. You will receive a unique link to the online classes after payment.

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